Fertility preservation

Save and protect eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue to have biological children in the future.

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    About the procedure

    Preservation of reproductive health

    Reproductive health is the key to fulfilling the main purpose of biological organisms – the reproduction of their own kind. But only a person has the ability to plan the time of conception and the number of children. It is not always possible to implement plans due to the fact that the favorable time for pregnancy is missed, and reproductive health is undermined.

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    Parents (Olivia and Jacob)

    We are pleased with the service we have been given from the clinic. The reports during the pregnancy have been valuable as we have been able to follow every step of development and have felt that all is progressing well. The contacts with the clinic feel very positive, we have especially appreciated Oksana and Anna who have been very helpful and kind.


    I got my deep plane facelift operation done at Global Madical Care. The whole organization, services, care and support both physically and emotionally worth to be appreciated. I mean from A to Z, even before coming to Kyiv, they have started the services by fast replies and online video calls with doctors which made me much more relaxed. All staff including drivers, nurses, consultants and doctors were really caring and kind. I felt happy when I was there, and they keep me happy with the progress of my face day by day. Thank you very much !


    My husband Francois and I thought about looking for a mother for our child and straight turned to Sunshine. And we did not regret it! We really liked the donor, she looks a lot like Francois’s mom. We are very glad that our child looks like a dad. We are so grateful to Global Medical Care, the guys are so cute, especially Lyubov, thank you so much and wish you luck.


    Thank you, dearest Lyubov! We’re well back home with family and our sweet daughter was a very good girl during the flight and trip in total. SO beautiful!


    I chose Global Medical Care for a cosmetic procedure earlier this year and I absolutely made the correct decision. The service was outstanding from start to finish and the surgery itself performed to the highest standards. The team is friendly, helpful and totally professional, and I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone considering their options!

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      What is oocyte / egg donation?

      Reproductive health is an important component of overall human health. It includes physical, spiritual and social condition. Reproductive health ensures a person’s ability to:
      • sexual activity, without the risk of contracting infections,
      • sexually transmitted diseases;
      • safety of bearing and giving birth to a healthy child;
      • possibilities of planning the next pregnancy;
      • safe prevention of unwanted conception.

      What are the indications for using the method?

      A woman’s reproductive health does not only change with age. It is affected by various internal and external factors that reduce the ability to produce healthy eggs. Indications for the use of the vitrification method (ultrafast freezing) of oocytes are the following conditions:
      • preparation for surgery – oophorectomy, in which one or both ovaries capable of producing eggs are removed;
      • oocyte preservation due to the impossibility of obtaining male sex cells on the day of oocyte collection;
      • malignant processes in a woman’s body, requiring chemical or radiation therapy. These methods of treatment negatively affect not only cancer cells, but also reproductive cells;
      • long-term planning of pregnancy; entering the risk group for the development of hereditary ovarian wasting syndrome;
      • preservation of oocytes for repeated artificial insemination. Sometimes the first IVF attempt does not lead to the desired fertilization. In order to have material for a repeated procedure, it is recommended to freeze a part of the obtained eggs. Gradually, the vitrification method is replacing the cryopreservation method.

      What is the advantage of the vitrification method?

      For the period 2000-2017. the vitrification method has been used in 40 countries around the world. More than 500 thousand successful procedures have been performed. The survival rate of vitrified oocytes was more than 90%. The advantage of vitrification over cryofreezing is:
      • longer shelf life of biomaterial;
      • the ability to carry out the required number of IVF procedures without re-sampling of oocytes. This reduces the psychological and physical stress on the woman, saves her material resources;
      • reducing the number of procedures for drug stimulation of oogenesis;
      • a decrease in the number of ovarian punctures;
      • preventing the risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome; • fewer (40%) damaged eggs and embryos during thawing. Today, innovative assisted reproductive technologies are used, including the modern method of oocyte vitrification.

      How to maintain reproductive health?

      To maintain reproductive health, which everyone should know about: lead a healthy lifestyle; protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, if there was a chance of contracting an STI, do not self-medicate, but seek help from specialists; follow the rules of personal hygiene – observe intimate hygiene daily and take a bath or shower at least twice a week; protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy; women need to visit a gynecologist twice a year, pay attention to the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

      What negatively affects the reproductive system?

      First of all, stress. Emotionally intense work, difficult living conditions, conflict situations – all this leads to the release of adrenal hormones, which hit various systems, but most of all – the cardiovascular, hormonal-endocrine and especially the female reproductive system. In stressful situations, the liver is disrupted, which contributes to an imbalance in reproductive hormones. The second factor is unhealthy diet, which can also lead to an imbalance in hormonal status and impaired reproductive health. Smoking and alcohol are incredibly harmful to the body and are categorically contraindicated during pregnancy or planning. A sedentary, sedentary lifestyle has an extremely negative effect on reproductive function. It promotes the accumulation of excess body weight and impaired blood microcirculation, including in the pelvic organs. As a result of insufficient blood supply to the pelvic organs, there are not enough substances necessary for their normal functioning. Therefore, when sedentary work, it is extremely important to take a warm-up break every hour. In addition, you definitely need to activate your lifestyle, go to the pool, to fitness, water aerobics. Movement in the water helps to prevent the accumulation of excess body weight, the good functioning of the pelvic organs.

      How does nutrition affect the reproductive system?

      Both male and female bodies need complete animal proteins – meat, fish, eggs, dairy products. For men, the need for meat is higher than for women, because it contains substances that contribute to the reproductive functions of the male reproductive system. Dairy products and fish are healthier for women than meat. These products support the female reproductive system. Although women also need meat, but to a lesser extent than men. Vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, nuts are useful to everyone – it is in their composition that there are substances that specifically affect the male and female organisms. For the reproductive system, antioxidants (vitamins E, C), folic acid, iodine, magnesium, vitamins A and D, omega 3, iron, copper, proteins, the amino acid arginine, lecithin and calcium are very important.

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