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    Sperm and oocyte donation

    All donor material is properly processed and stored in a special Cryobank in the embryology laboratory. At medical center, each candidate for Egg Donor passes a strict medical examination in addition to the requirements of Ukrainian law. A multifaceted mix of genes of Ukrainian women provides a healthy set of genetics. Due to this, the phenotype of Ukrainian donors is absolutely universal and, therefore, can be used absolutely for each patient. All donors are young, physically and psychologically healthy women and men, without unhealthy and have at least one healthy child.

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      Check out our customers reviews. We absolutely strive to provide clients with an efficient and professional service experience.

      Parents (Olivia and Jacob)

      We are pleased with the service we have been given from the clinic. The reports during the pregnancy have been valuable as we have been able to follow every step of development and have felt that all is progressing well. The contacts with the clinic feel very positive, we have especially appreciated Oksana and Anna who have been very helpful and kind.


      I got my deep plane facelift operation done at Global Madical Care. The whole organization, services, care and support both physically and emotionally worth to be appreciated. I mean from A to Z, even before coming to Kyiv, they have started the services by fast replies and online video calls with doctors which made me much more relaxed. All staff including drivers, nurses, consultants and doctors were really caring and kind. I felt happy when I was there, and they keep me happy with the progress of my face day by day. Thank you very much !


      My husband Francois and I thought about looking for a mother for our child and straight turned to Sunshine. And we did not regret it! We really liked the donor, she looks a lot like Francois’s mom. We are very glad that our child looks like a dad. We are so grateful to Global Medical Care, the guys are so cute, especially Lyubov, thank you so much and wish you luck.


      Thank you, dearest Lyubov! We’re well back home with family and our sweet daughter was a very good girl during the flight and trip in total. SO beautiful!


      I chose Global Medical Care for a cosmetic procedure earlier this year and I absolutely made the correct decision. The service was outstanding from start to finish and the surgery itself performed to the highest standards. The team is friendly, helpful and totally professional, and I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone considering their options!

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      What is oocyte / egg donation?

      The oocyte (egg) donation program is one of the technologies for the treatment of female infertility with methods of reproductive medicine. If a married couple is unable to conceive a child on their own due to various circumstances related to a woman’s health, then donor eggs can be used for fertilization on the recommendation of doctors.

      By participating in the oocyte donation program, you help married couples who have no other opportunity to have a child and become a full-fledged family. Egg or oocyte donation is a standard procedure used at IVF, which brings together women who have healthy eggs (donor) with those who are unable to produce their own eggs. Egg donation allows these two groups of women to help each other.

      Who can become an egg / oocyte donor?

      Finding an egg donor can be difficult, choosing it is a very serious and responsible stage.

      A woman aged 20 to 32 who has given birth to at least one completely healthy child can become an egg donor in Ukraine. An egg donor is selected without any bad habits or any diseases. A thorough examination is carried out with an assessment of the general state of health. An analysis is made for sexually transmitted infections, a study of the hormonal background is mandatory. In the event that a woman, acting as an oocyte egg donor, has all the indicators in order, she is sent for a consultation to a geneticist and a therapist.

      The donation program is completely anonymous. According to the established rules, an egg donor in Ukraine does not know and cannot meet with the couple for which he was chosen. The only exception is if a relative or acquaintance acts as a donor of the patient at will.

      We give absolute guarantees that no one will be able to find out about the procedure with donor eggs – any information will be completely protected from unauthorized access.

      Since only young and healthy women up to 32 years old can become oocyte donors, such in vitro fertilization programs with donor oocytes are much more effective than the classical IVF procedure.

      How does egg / oocyte donation work?

      The oocyte is obtained by transvaginal puncture under ultrasound control using the finest needle under anesthesia. Egg donation is not dangerous for your health – in general, the procedure will take about 5-7 minutes. The donor receives material compensation for egg donation.

      If you would like to receive more information about egg donation, please fill out the feedback form or call and let us know if you want to become a donor or need a donor.

      What is sperm donation?

      Sperm donation is a voluntary donation, an altruistic act of solidarity, when a healthy man with very high sperm quality donates a part of biological material for use in treatment programs for couples with infertility problems, thanks to which they can fulfill their dream.

      Who can become a sperm donor?

      Sperm donors are men aged 20 to 40 years, without bad habits, having healthy children, having a pleasant appearance, without pronounced phenotypic signs, somatically healthy.

      Sperm donors undergo a full medical examination, regulated by Order No. 787 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 09.09.2013. A prerequisite for a sperm donor is normal sperm counts.

      All donor sperm samples are used after 6 months of quarantine. The requirement for such a long quarantine of donor sperm is explained by the need to exclude the presence of a latent infection in the donor at the time of sperm collection. Frozen donor sperm can be withdrawn from quarantine after a second negative test result for infections from the donor. The selection of a donor is carried out taking into account the wishes of the married couple: blood type, Rh factor, phenotypic characteristics, education, etc.

      How does sperm donation work?

      The most difficult and longest part of sperm donation is preparation. The donation process itself is much easier and faster than with egg donation. Semen is obtained by masturbation. For this there is a separate room where a man can retire and hand over material. You should not use any lubricants during masturbation, because this can affect the quality of the seminal fluid. There is usually pornographic material in the semen collection rooms.

      It is necessary to collect sperm strictly within the walls of the germ cell bank in a special container issued by specialists. Donor material cannot be brought from home: bank employees must check that the ejaculate was received from a specific man and collected according to the rules. In addition, while a man delivers a container with material from home to a cryobank, sperm cells may die – they live only a few hours outside the female vagina.

      In the room where you will do this, no one will stand next to you. You cannot take your partner with you to this room in order to donate sperm while having sex with her. Mucus that is secreted in a woman’s genital tract makes semen unsuitable for donation.

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